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Why Support Small Businesses?

Why small business?

A small business is similar to a really sharp knife. The potential to do things you could never do is almost limitless, but one slip and you've sustained a serious injury. That injury (or wrong move in the business world), could cripple you for weeks, months, or even permanently. So why do it?

For me and many small businesses operating today, the answer is simple the reward is worth the risk.

Our business model may vary from many others out there, but when it comes to small family businesses, that dynamic, regardless of the model is the same. And quite frankly most small businesses are family businesses.

Generations was basically started on a whim, a quick way to make a little extra money, while deciding my next career move.

In 2014 a friend and I started a small business; refinishing, painting, and repairing furniture. We both were at time in our lives where we had so much experience in so many different areas, that landing on job choice was challenging. I had spent the better part of 25 years as a mechanic, but in 2001 all that changed. I began pastoring churches. As a bivocational pastor, the money was always an issue. But because I was used to manual labor I filled in the gaps with full-time jobs during the day and did ministry in the evenings and on the weekends. I can honestly say during those years I learned more about other industries than I ever would have imagined. Besides being a mechanic, I learned construction, hvac, landscaping, farming, knife making, knife sharpening, mobile mechanic, drug counselor, public speaking, furniture repair, auctioning, business administration, public speaking, and the list goes on and on. I really was the proverbial jack of all trades but a master of none.

Shortly afterwards my youngest son came on board with us and started helping us and it was during this time that my wife and I were involved in a head-on collision that surely should have ended everything. Without going into great detail our lives changed in an instant. The injuries we sustained would forever change how we were used to doing things. Thankfully, my wife had an office job that allowed her the freedom to accommodate for her injuries. Me on the other hand, manual labor changed forever.

It was also during this time that I began to build tables and other items which, to my surprise sold in our store. My grandfather was a master painter (really was a thing 100 years ago), Master carbon and Master mechanic as well as body repair, and a master finisher and while he didn't pass on all his knowledge, he did steal me a solid work ethic of his generation.  But that work ethic required labor that a broken back among other injuries just wouldn't allow.

Thankfully, family to the rescue. From 2017 on my family rallied. We went from a small refinishing, furniture flipping, resale shop to a full-on custom table production company. We now offer two other lines of furniture, as well as our custom crafted pieces. And it was all family. We've grown closer because of the family business. There are definitely challenges in a family business, that may not affect a larger company. For instance, our company supports our entire family. If the company does well, 4 generations benefit and are blessed. If the company doesn't do well four generations share the burden. Which in and of itself is a blessing. We're not alone we have each other.

Most small family business owners don't simply want to leave a business for their loved ones, which in and of itself is a great benefit, but they want to leave a legacy. Our company as much as we can, support other small businesses. And on a personal level we do the same local grocery store, local hardware store, and private small service businesses. Most times the prices are comparable, but usually the service is amazing! In fact, I've developed strong personal relationships with other small business owners, because I use their services.

So as a consumer why support small business? In short you get to be a part of a story that unfortunately is quickly fading, but not doomed. Maybe you remember hearing your parents talk about when they needed something they just called that company. No email requests no special forms, no texts, a real live person. And if there was a problem, no emails no recording, it just got fixed. Coming from a small town I've experienced this firsthand, that's the model for our company. No excuses, get it right.

But the only way that happens is if we give small business a chance. Don't make no mistake, we definitely need the bigger businesses. These larger businesses employee millions of workers and the items they produced we probably otherwise wouldn't have. But there's room for small business and its role in our world is just as vital.

Small businesses shape our communities. The hard-earned money you choose to spend with small businesses allows more and more businesses to flourish and help put back and build our communities. In short, the community is our legacy.

Let's face it, our world is a mess. The regulations and burdens put on most people and small businesses is getting pretty heavy to bear. It's almost like there are those that don't want to see us make it. But we can all change that. It won't happen overnight; change doesn't usually happen overnight. Supporting local businesses is a simple way for anybody to support and build their local community and to leave a legacy of their own.

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