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A Place To Breathe

Every 5 weeks or so my wife and I travel to North Carolina to pick up our monthly material order. Just like many other small business owners, the past few years (mandates, shut down, supply issues) have been a challenge. My wife and I used to say, “We have to go pickup our materials this week”. 800-mile trip, noisy motel, fast food, traffic……are the images that come to our mind when we have to travel, rather than get to travel. True, either way we must go, but it was our decision to make the trip in order to save money on the shipping (shipping costs %200-%400 increase). And since it was our decision, we have choices. Choices like enjoying the scenery, enjoying our time on the road together (along with our road dog Jilli!), and even finding an out of the way BNB, rather than stay at a crowded motel. It cost more, but the benefits far outweigh the cost!

Our world today is just crazy. It is, no matter which political party you may support, which religion you are faithful to.... crazy, period! We need to unplug, relax and just breathe. My wife and I have found places along the way, during these trips that allow us to do just that.

A couple of weeks ago, we managed to find a place to stay, way off the beaten place. In a small farmhouse, built in the 1870’s, we melted into the essence of our surroundings. Sounds corny huh? But it's true. This farmhouse was frozen in time. The view out the rear door was of nothing. Nothing but trees, land, a creek, two-hundred-year-old trees, a one-hundred-year-old root cellar and a rodeo. Yep, a rodeo!

Turns out the next-door neighbor, a local Mexican rancher, decided to host an impromptu rodeo, to the horror of our host! And honestly, with a different mindset of have to, rather than get to, it would have been a completely different evening for us. These cowboys and cowgirls were doing exactly what we were doing, relaxing. Having fun. Unwinding. Breathing deep. And we had the blessing of sharing the same airspace with people we didn't even know and were better for it. They shouted and laughed in a completely different language, but we got it. We savored it. We loved it. And after a few hours, they loaded up and were gone by 11 o'clock. That's when we settled in to watch the skies for shooting stars. Listen to the crickets and frogs, backed up by an occasional goat or cow. We then settled down in front of a flatscreen tv, surrounded by decor reflecting a simpler time. No central heat or air, propane heaters provided our heat, just like the home (not house) my grandparents made for me as a child. A place to breathe!

That breath, that night, surrounded by memories of a simpler time, evoked long forgotten feelings. Feelings, not memories. I felt like I could breathe as deep and as long as I wanted. As children we consume life voraciously, seldom slowing down. We may lose that energy as we age, but that feeling we can still do ……whatever .... never leaves, even though the ability slowly does. So, what does this have to do with furniture? Well let me ask you, does your home allow you to breathe deep? Is it your safe place, your sanctuary? Does the decor invite you to feel a certain way? Remember, it's a crazy world and we all need a place to relax, unwind, a place to breathe.

When deciding on any furniture, table, chairs, whatever the piece may be, ask yourself, “how does this help me relax?”. If the thought of spending more money than you may be able to afford causes you to become anxious, or if the thought of buying a “cheaper” piece causes angst because it really doesn't fit, give yourself some time to make a decision. Why? Because you work hard, you contribute to society, you take care of your kids, pay bills, carpool etc. Your home is your safe space, whether you rent, buy, live in a tent, or drive an rv. And just like that impromptu rodeo, you are inviting your family to relax and breathe in your space (your rodeo) that you created. Old news I know. But it's true. We all know it.

Finding a place to breathe on our trip to North Carolina.
North Carolina Trip

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