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  • What’s your current build time frame?
    We are currently taking handcrafted table orders for our MAY build schedule, that will be delivered MAY 23RD. *Updated 3/8/24*
  • Do I need to worry about leaving a glass on the table or any rings?"
    No need to worry! Each table is sealed with coats of a satin oil-based polyurethane, a very durable water and wear resistant surface. While not impermeable, poly can withstand the daily use of your table without needing to keep it covered/protected. It can also be reapplied years down the road if your table surface needs to be refreshed.
  • I’m looking for specific stain / paint colors, could you do that?
    Yes! We work closely with local paint and stain store Farrell-Calhoun in Saint Peters, where they still mix stain and paint by hand. After placing an order with us, we will send you home with a wood sample to take to Farrell-Calhoun along with a piece of flooring or cabinet door you want to match or compliment. They will work with you to achieve the color you want!
  • Do you build leaf tables?
    Yes, we can build leaf tables. There are a lot of details to talk about with leaf tables that contribute to a quote and are usually best discussed in person! Another great option when it comes to leaf tables, is choosing one from our Whitewoods Collection. There are MANY different sizes, including butterfly leaf tables. These can be customized with colors, not size.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, absolutely. We offer local delivery and set up for $100 that will reach most of the Saint Charles County (includes Wentzville and Lake Saint Louis). Anything farther than 15 miles from the showroom, we charge a mileage fee. We still handle all our deliveries in-house, as we want to make sure our customers are happy from the day they place their order to delivery day.
  • Can you build just a tabletop or just a table base for me?
    Unfortunately, no. We build completed tables that we can then apply our 5 year Guarantee!
  • I’m not sure what table size I should get, any advice?
    Of course! There are table sizes that work best for certain seating numbers. Here are a few common sizes: 5ft x 3ft (seats 4-6), 48” round (seats 4), 6ft x 3ft (seats 6), 7ft x 3.5ft (seats 8), 60” round (seats 6), 10ft x 3.5ft (seats 10-12). If you are measuring your space, give yourself 30-36” around the table parameter for comfortable walking space. Laying blue painters tape on the floor is a great way to help visualize a table size.
  • I'm building a house, and don't know when it will be ready to move in. Can still place an order?"
    Yes! You can secure a spot on our schedule with a 25% deposit. We can build your table and store it at our warehouse for a small fee until you need it delivered. We are sometimes the first pieces of furniture in a customer's new home!
  • What should I expect with my farmhouse table?
    When purchasing furniture, we all have certain expectations with the quality and craftsmanship. Depending on the style of the furniture you buy, you should know what to expect. Farmhouse is a style that invites what some people would call flaws and turns them into a positive. Knotholes, cracks, saw marks, etc., all these characteristics are what real wood has. When buying a table from Generations Marketplace understand sometimes tables will have slight defects such as small holes, tiny cracks, marks etc., these are not something to worry about. We spray on our finish so there will never be bristles or brush marks in the finish. If there is a problem with the table that is structural or some large visual defect, like a large scratch, we will fix it. However small defects that do not affect the tables' structure, will not be fixed *except at our discretion. We as a family business strive to do our best for every customer on every piece of furniture we deliver.
  • How do I take care of my furniture?
    Your handcrafted tabletop or custom finish top has been finished with satin polyurethane. It is a very durable water and wear resistant finish! A soapy rag for daily use will clean it well, furniture polish occasionally will shine it up, but avoid harsh chemicals that will erode the finish. Allow your table to acclimate to your house for 24hrs before heavy use or cleaning to allow the poly to cure in your home. ​ Polyurethane can be reapplied in the coming years to refresh the surface. Any unwanted marks can also be repaired with a light sand, stain, and poly as it is a real wood surface. Our custom furniture is finished with a pre-catalyzed lacquer. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns!
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