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When Custom Choices Are Overwhelming, Try These Helpful Tips Out

Getting to design something from scratch is exciting, full of possibilities! But with that, comes a series of choices that need to be made. If you are someone who decides on things easily, this is a non-issue. But for many people out there (myself included!!), making a decision can be difficult. So, when custom choices are overwhelming, try these helpful tips out!

My name is Dana, and I am the showroom manager here at Generations Marketplace. I've taken many custom table orders over the years, and from my experience I can say that there are a few things that stand out within the custom decision-making process:

Number 1: Trust your gut! It may sound cliche, but there is a reason you may be drawn to a stain color. Often times customers who are uncertain about colors will end up choosing their first choice.

Number 2: Visualization is key! We may not have the exact table you're looking for to see in person, but chances are that we have a picture of something similar to what you want. Just ask!

Number 3: Put your hands on the furniture! Sit in the chairs! We have our most popular chair styles for display with matching seats to get a feel. They each sit a little different, and more than aesthetics--you want a chair you think is comfortable.

Number 4: Measure out your space! Table size is very important! Getting the size and chair number right is very important and is something we can even sketch out to scale if there is a question of fitting the chairs or your specific space.

Sometimes deciding on a custom table design can take only 20 minutes, and other times it can take a few trips to the showroom, and an hour + to look everything over carefully. Both are fine! We all come to decisions differently.

Here are Generations Marketplace, we understand that this is an investment and needs to be just right. Shopping at big box stores can leave you underwhelmed with choices and questionable quality. We hope our custom options fill the gap and get you exactly what you are looking for in a table set.

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