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The Most Essential Luxury Good Is The Kitchen Table

When we think of wants and needs it usually goes for needs: water, shelter, food, and clothes. Everything else will fall into the wants category. Which makes perfect sense. Other than those four, what else do we all really need to survive? I know we all like to think we need cellphones or the internet, but we all survived just fine without them before. One product we believe is undervalued is your kitchen table, in fact we believe the most essential luxury good is the kitchen table. Not based on the material type, but what the kitchen table has always represented: family, good times, and enjoying a good meal. One could make the argument that those three things: family, good times, and enjoying a good meal, fall pretty close to the need category. This is why we believe that the most essential luxury good is the kitchen table.

Family is the first thing we list for our company mantra because we believe family is very important. Having people who have your back, people to confide in, people need that. What a Godsend good family can be! Your kitchen table probably holds the most memories of family. How many meals and conversations are done at the table? How many times have we sung happy birthday or celebrated an important event with family around our kitchen table? Regardless of what our family table is made out of, we all know that the kitchen table is the best place to gather as a family at home.

Good times are those great memories we look back on, memories that usually hold an important place. I'm sure we can all think of many good times we've had with friends and family around our kitchen table. Playing cards, board games, opening birthday presents, doing homework when we were young or with our own kids just to name a few. Your kitchen table is where all this takes place, not sitting around a TV or cellphone. Those devices may be considered a necessity by many, but beyond convenience and entertainment, what else do they offer? They most certainly have not helped our society's sense of community or togetherness. How many pictures or videos can you find of everyone on their cellphones and smiling? Now how many pictures or videos can you find of people around a table talking and smiling without phones? While a table may only be a few pieces of wood and some screws, it offers an a great opportunity to make some good times.

Perhaps the most obvious thing your kitchen table offers is a place to eat. Whether it be alone or with company, a table makes a much better place to eat than a couch, in the car, or anything else really. I think most people would agree with that. Even a small table like a 5ft by 3ft table is more than enough for 4 people to eat comfortably. Having a table to eat on really allows for the space to eat a proper meal or to host a meal like Thanksgiving.

While there are many things, that we all use on a daily basis that seem a necessity, very few fall into the luxury needs category. A table is not a necessity, but it's pretty close. It offers many things, that most other products do not. A place to enjoy time with your family, a place to make good memories, and a place to eat. To summarize, we believe that the most essential luxury good is the kitchen table.

This customer designed their own custom farmhouse table.
Farmhouse Custom Table

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