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Faith, Family, Furniture

As a family-owned table-making business, you might have heard our mantra of "Faith, Family, and Furniture" thrown around quite a bit. I'd like to break down what exactly that means to our family business and why we operate on those principles.


All of us involved in this family business all agree on one point, that our faith is the most important part of our lives. It dictates so much of how we live and treat one another. As Christians, we understand that our lives are on display for all to see, the good and bad. Doesn't mean anyone here is perfect, but we operate with a standard that holds one another accountable and trusts in one another to accomplish our goals.


As a family-owned business, family is the second most important part of our mantra. We all look out for one another and have succeeded as a business by trying our best and relying on one another to grow our business. There is always a hesitancy for family to work together, but we believe that by putting our faith first and family second, we can correctly prioritize our goals, and accomplish anything we need to.


Finally, furniture. As a table-making company, it may seem odd to have furniture as our least important part of our company mantra. However, we have found that by keeping faith first, family second, and our work third, our overall approach to this business has allowed us to always overcome problems that come up. We never have to ask ourselves if the furniture we build is quality, not just because we built it, but because we hold what we do to a high standard. This isn't to say we have never made a mistake with a piece of furniture or had something go wrong, but you can ask any of our customers who have had a problem if they were taken care of. There's a reason why our reviews are always so good. We build all our furniture and treat our customers like we would for family.

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