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Build Your Own Farmhouse Table

Designing your own table can be done in 1 trip to our showroom, if you know what you want. But if it takes a few extra trips that's okay too. More than anything, we want you to be happy with your purchase and confident you made all the right choices. 

Building your new home?

Remodeling your current home?

Just need a new table?

Follow these easy steps!

Step 1- Wood Type

Choosing your wood type is the first step. We have Red Oak, Hickory, Cherry, and Soft Maple. All look beautiful, but they are different. Red Oak and Hickory are a harder wood with more durability, while cherry and soft maple have a more elegant look to them. If you choose Red Oak, you have the option of leaving in the saw marks and giving it a distressed look. We have many examples in the showroom that you can look at to get a better idea of what each wood type looks like with different stains.

Hickory Farm Table
Distressed Oak Farm Table

Step 2- Table Size (How many do you want to seat?)

This is one of the first and sometimes the hardest decision with a new table purchase. Depending on the flow of your space, number of chairs you'd wish to seat, and factors like a walkway or patio door all come into play with this decision.

A great way to see what table size would work best in your house is to lay blue painters' tape down on your floor!

Most people have this, and it will help you visualize the size better than holding out your tape measurer.

Lay the tape on the floor and walk around it for a few days. If you find yourself walking over the lines, it may be too big!

Another tip is to make sure you have 30-36" from around the table perimeter for chairs and walking space. This applies especially if it is in a closed dining room space.

We can build to the inch, so if you decide that an odd size of 81" x 41" works best, we can do that.

You also have the freedom to change your custom table size after your order has been placed. If you know you want to get on the build schedule but have doubts on the table size, we can get the information for what you think on your order--and you can get back with us on any changes.

Custom Farm Table

Step 3- Choose Your Base/Legs

Now that you've chosen your wood type and table size, it's time to move onto your table base. You have 3 types of bases to choose from: trestle, pedestal, or legs. For a trestle we have a few different designs available: The Woodbridge, The Manor, The Homestead, The Chalet, and The Cottage. Head over to our Legacy Collection page to see examples of each style. For pedestal designs, we have the X-Pedestal, The Tulip Pedestal. If you decide on legs, we have multiple options available: Standard French country, New French Country, Square, Square with a 2-sided taper, 5" Square/Taper, and 5" Chunky French Country. If you have a different style leg you are looking for, we have the ability to source out different legs. We make available the most popular styles, but we are open to others. 

Custom Farmhouse Table

Step 4- Choose Your Stain and Paint Colors

Now this is either the easy part or the quick part. If you have something you are trying to match, then it's as a simple as taking a wood sample to our paint/stain vendor to have them color match. If you aren't sure exactly what you want, then our showroom is a great place to start. We have many examples of different wood types, stained different colors. You'll walk away knowing exactly what to expect once you decide on a stain. 

Choosing your paint is next, there are 3 different shades of white on our showroom floor that are customer favorites as well as black. However, if you are wanting a different color, our paint/stain vendor has many options available as well being able to paint match a certain color you're looking for. 

To finish off your colors, you have the option to add edge distressing or antiquing to your paint that will give it a beautiful rustic look that helps tie in that farmhouse style. 

Custom Farmhouse Table

Step 5- Pick Your Chairs

Picking your chairs out is an simple step in the process. We definitely recommend sitting in them because each chair seat is different and has a different feel. Counter height chairs are available to match your tables chairs or if you go with a counter height table. We also have fabric seat options if you don't like the look or comfort of the wood seat. Our showroom carries many of our chair options and fabrics to pick from. 

Fabric Chair Options

Step 6- Deciding on Your Build Month and Deposit

Once you decide on your table all that's left is to put down your 25% deposit and pick when you want it delivered. We collect the rest of the payment upon delivery. We are typically at least 1 month out. So, you can plan on at least 4 weeks or potentially more depending on how far booked out we are.  Delivery usually occurs at the end of the month, or you can pick your table order up at our showroom. 

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