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Coastal Collection Custom Tables

“Home is where the heart is."

That is a saying many of us are familiar with, and while it’s true, it really doesn’t tell the whole story. 

35 years ago, I met the girl of my dreams and made the decision to leave my Florida home and start a new life with my bride in Missouri.  Two amazing sons, their wonderful wives, and six adorable grandchildren later I still feel like I left a piece of myself in Florida.


While I absolutely appreciate the midwest culture I know that Florida will always be home.  The salt air, the warm beaches, the cypress swamps, the easy laid back slow pace style of living is where I will always be most comfortable.  


A few months ago I made the decision to introduce a new style of tables with that Florida feel.   In addition to our current Midwest series of tables I am designing tables that will reflect that Coastal feel that I was raised to love and is near and dear to my heart!  


These tables will incorporate the coastal colors and designs for those people looking for a taste of Florida!


Just like our current series of tables these tables will be easily assembled and can be shipped right to your doorstep.  Who knows, maybe my wife and I will hand deliver these tables ourselves to treat those homesick blues.


We hope you like this new line of tables and we look forward to building relationships with new coastal

Costal Collection Designs:

Storms Edge Table

The Storms Edge Series

The table features fractal wood burn lines to create the storm lines, along with epoxy filled sections for the color all on Maple hardwood.

Standard size is 6ft x 3ft.

Epoxy River Table

The Bayside Series

Th Bayside features beautiful sections of curved Epoxy lines, just like the curved lines along the Bay.

Standard size is 6ft x 3ft.

Custom Farm Tables

The Driftwood Series

This series features a faux live-edge along with distressed hand hewn table legs for a worn down look just like a piece of Driftwood you'd find along the beach. 

Standard size is 6ft x 3ft.

Custom Farm Tables

The Boardwalk Series

The Boardwalk series features a horizontal beveled tabletop, just like any sandy boardwalk along the Coast. 

Standard size is 6ft x 3ft.

Custom Farm Tables

The Shipwreck Series

This series features a multi-wood tabletop, showcasing boards made of Red Oak, Cherry, Hickory, and Maple hardwood for a eclectic Shipwreck variety of woods. 

Standard size is 6ft x 3ft.

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